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Learn With Us!

Find tips and tricks for making the most of our Sterling Essential products and taking care of your equipment with helpful care guides, videos and detailed product information. Discover more answers by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions page, too.

Leather Cleaning: Learn just how easily and quickly you can clean your leather. Sterling Essentials Leather Cleaner makes leather cleaning an easy, fast, one step process.

Leather Conditioning: Learn how to easily and quickly condition all of your finished leather goods. Sterling Essentials Leather Conditioner makes conditioning a fast and easy one step process that nourishes and protects your leather while leaving a nice shine.

Restoring and Rejuvenating Your Leather: Learn tips and how-to ideas for breathing new life into your damaged or dilapidated leather, restoring and extending the useful life of your leather goods. These ideas are also a great go-to for ways to rejuvenate your leather if it is in reasonable shape but just needs that extra bit of love.

Clean Leather in Under 30: No muss, no fuss - clean, shiny boots in less than 30 seconds! :) How to do it? TIP: Giving your much abused, often overlooked boots some love is so quick and easy with our Leather Cleaner. After you've cleaned your tack, use the same towel to wipe down your boots. You don't even need to spray more product on the towel because the towel is still damp enough from the little bit of cleaner residual left from cleaning your tack. It works and is a snap - save on time, save your boots, AND get the most out of your cleaner!

Restore Moldy Leather the Natural Way: Mold and mildew on your tack? No need to call in the bleach and heavy industrial chemicals. Learn how to vanquish mold using natural ingredients and techniques.

Top 3 Tips for Suppling Your Leather: Learn some easy, breezy exercises you can do in order to improve the suppleness of your leather. Read all about it in our blog post Top 3 Tips for Suppling Leather.

How to Prevent a Leather Conditioning Mess this Show Season: Doing any hot weather riding? A summer beach ride or back country ride into the sunset? Full show schedule on the calendar? Then you absolutely need this tip on how to avoid a total mess when conditioning your saddle this show season and during hot weather.

How to Avoid Leather Damage in Hot Weather: Keeping your tack in your car on a sunny day or during hot weather? You might be in for a big disappointment. Check out these tips in order to learn how to protect your tack from inadvertent damage.

How to Clean Your Muddy Boots: If your leather boots are suffering after a trek across the paddock to your pony, then you need to watch our short and helpful video on how to clean your muddy boots with a minimum of fuss and aggravation. Check out our article for the full video, Mud is No Joke - How to Clean Your Muddy Boots.

How Much Should You Condition Your Saddle and Leather: We love this question - the answer is so important to your leather's health. It's a whole lot like when you are working with your horse - use the lightest touch you need to get the job done. Watch the video to learn how to condition your saddle to perfection!

Before and After: How a Leather Bridle and Martingale Were Saved: See the amazing transformation of a leather bridle and martingale from a state of disrepair to a beautiful as good as new condition. 

Spray Cleaning for Easy Bridle Cleaning: Watch for tips on how to efficiently and easily care for your bridle and other smaller leather tack using a spray cleaner. Learn how to make the most of every drop of cleaner.