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Glycerin is Not Your Saddle’s Friend

If you’re like most riders, you think that using glycerin products is a great way to clean and protect your tack. In fact, this may be one of the biggest myths in the equestrian community.


Don’t worry, I understand why you think that. A ton of equestrian gurus and well-known riders and trainers are saying this is true by using and promoting glycerin products. And practically every tack care product out there uses glycerin. For years I didn’t realize that they were such a no-no for my leather either.


But let me ask you...Does everyone who uses glycerin get clean, healthy, undamaged tack? No, and you could actually be damaging and shortening the life of your tack if you hold onto that belief.


For example, did you know that glycerin is a humectant, which means it actually actively pulls water vapor from the air into your leather?


As you may already know, water and too much moisture in your leather irreparably damages your tack, as well as creates the perfect home for mold. And I get it, I used to use glycerin, too, and struggled with keeping my tack mold-free and in the perfect moisture balance until I changed my ways.


But let me ask you, how happy and healthy do you think your tack will be a year from now if you continue to use glycerin?


If you want to keep your leather fibers strong and prevent mold, you can see why using glycerin-free products will help you, can you not?

Since you’re investing your time in reading this, it’s easy to see that you are a serious equestrian curious about leveling up your horsemanship as a conscientious and empowered equestrian.


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