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Pay It Forward Rewards

We believe in you, too. And in gratitude, we're paying it forward.

When YOU share your enthusiasm and trust in us with others, you not only help us live our mission to bring better wellness and environmental sustainability to our horses and the equestrian industry...


But you're also helping yourself and fellow riders uplevel their wellness and joy at the barn, too.


In the spirit of AYNI, the ancient Incan concept of reciprocity, please enjoy 25% off your next purchase with us when you take part in the Pay It Forward Rewards Program.

How do I take part in the

Pay It Forward Rewards Program?

That's easy...


All you do is:


1. Post on your Threads, Facebook, or Instagram account an honest, positive testimonial about your experience with Sterling Essentials' Leather Cleaners and Leather Conditioners.


2. Include in your post a photo(s) or video of you featuring or using your Leather Cleaner and Leather Conditioner. This could be of you cleaning your saddle, posing with the products and your horse, a before and after of your riding boots...


The sky is the limit on your creativity here as long as it is all about your testimony and the products please. LOL, don't mean to be the center of the universe, but for this, we'd love your post to be all about us just this once. :) So with that in mind, please be sure the image/videos clearly feature Sterling Essentials' Leather Cleaners and Conditioners as the main focus of your content.


3. Feel awesome and warm and fuzzy inside because by sharing the love, you're not only helping yourself and our small brand, but you're also helping fellow riders see what awesomeness is possible for them, too.


4. Fill out and submit the form below. Takes like 2 easy. :)


5. And we'll get back to you shortly with an email with your special code for 25% off! (Plus, I'll even include a special code you can share with a friend, too, so that together we pay it forward even more!)


Thank you!*

Complete and Submit this Form to Claim Your Pay It Forward Rewards

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*By submitting this form, you are participating in the Pay It Forward Rewards Program, and you agree that we may share and use your name, social media account name, and the submitted testimonial and content. Discount excludes bundles, and other exclusions and terms apply. See Policies.