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Animal Friendly

Mini-donkey, Vanessa, and Liz @caringcowgirl

Is your wonderful horsey partner a sensitive soul with delicate skin? Our natural leather care products were developed with you in mind. We only utilize gentle ingredients and special blends of non-irritating food-grade materials and therapeutic grade essential oils in order to ensure that you don't have to worry one bit about what products are touching you or your horse. No harsh chemicals here!


Did you know that our products were inspired because our horse would break out in hives from other leather care products? With our more homeopathic and holistic products this problem is solved!


We know that you care deeply for your horse and that you pick your products carefully and need them to not only be effective but also to be safe. We've got your back on this.


And find out more on how our products safely and effectively go to work for you:


- Learn more about why the essential oils in our products are a true work horse in more ways than one:


- And why is the special pH of our leather care products so important to the health and longevity of your leather? Learn more in our article The Little Known Leather Care Fact You Need to Know Now.


To view more about our products please visit Products, and also check out the list of fine retailers carrying our products for the locations nearest you, Where To Shop.