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Essential Oil Power

Have you ever before experienced leather care products that smell so good? With our fragrances of Lavender, Floral Citrus, and Eucalyptus, there is a fragrance to appeal to everyone. Horses also love the fragrances, and the barn will smell lovely, too!


What is it that creates our wonderful aromatherapy-like fragrances?

Our fragrances come exclusively through the use of powerful proprietary blends of essential oils. Not just a pretty face, these essential oils are actually a real work horse! We specifically selected oils that not only smell lovely, but that are clinically shown to prevent mold and mildew.


Riders just like you love that you can fight mold and mildew naturally with our products! No need for bleach or harsh chemicals here!


Learn more in our short video Restore Moldy Leather the Natural Way.


And find out more on how our products safely and effectively go to work for you:


- We've designed our products to be animal friendly because we know you care about your horse and every product that comes near him. Learn more about how we are keeping you and your horse comfortable:


- And why is the special pH of our leather care products so important to the health and longevity of your leather? Learn more in our article The Little Known Leather Care Fact You Need to Know Now.


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