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MAVRIK Hoof Oil | Kills Thrush Guaranteed!

MAVRIK equine

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Backed by Science and Powered by Nature!

Our All-Natural Hoof oil helps strengthen and harden the hoof from the inside out. Our blend of oils soothe and nourish the hoof and carry the essential oils inside, while our proprietary essential oil blend will quickly treat and prevent the infection of bacteria and fungi that cause thrush and most other hoof born ailments. Doesn't sting, won't stain.

Safe to use daily! Brush on the outside of hoof wall to hydrate and nourish, prevent and grow out cracks and prior to bathing.

Paint on the sole and frog to treat and prevent Thrush and any other ick. You can also paint it on the skin and coat, anywhere you see scabs, cuts, gunk, and fungus. It is actually the first thing we grab when we see something icky. We apply to the legs, or infected area, let sit overnight, wipe off the next day and treat with Good Stuff after that!


Hoof Oil doesn't get any better, so we just made it BIGGER!

In 1 Gallon Size Containers. Perfect for the whole barn, or just your lucky herd!

Comes with 1 empty 32oz Hoof Oil Brush Bottle. More bottles may be purchased separately.


*Nelson's HINT: We flush hooves the Good Stuff spray prior to riding and then apply the Hoof Oil on the outer and under as part of our daily tack routine.