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Dynamic Duo | Hoof Oil and Good Stuff | Kills Thrush, Scratches & Sweet Itch Guaranteed

MAVRIK equine

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The Dynamic Duo, is the ultimate addition to your grooming arsenal!

Bundle and Save!

Including both MAVRIK Hoof Oil and Good Stuff Spray™;  this powerhouse combination effectively and swiftly eliminates harmful bacteria and fungi responsible for thrush, scratches, white line, rain rot, sweet itch, and other common hoof, skin, and coat ailments. With a potent blend of essential oils, MAVRIK Hoof Oil and Good Stuff™ are fast acting anti-fungal and antibacterial products that penetrate cell walls to kill bacteria and fungus on contact   and can be used in combination to tackle all manner of hoof, skin and coat issues while soothing and conditioning  from the inside out making the hooves, skin and coat stronger over time! Our products are created to treat AND prevent reinfection and when used as part of your daily tack routine you can say goodbye to always chasing a cure kill thrush, scratches and get back to enjoying the ride.

As always all ingredients comply with USEF, and FEI banned substance regulations.