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Ultimate Top 8 Tips for How to Store Your Leather Tack

Has the time come for you to store your leather tack away for a little while? 


We’ve been right there with you several times, having taken a hiatus from riding upon occasion due to injured horses or when life just takes us on another journey for a while. There’s nothing quite like the frustration and aggravation of the surprise of finding moldy or damaged tack when you want to use it again. We’ve lived that dream, but don’t want you to have to go through that! So we’ve put together our ultimate tips for you on how to store your leather tack with happier results.

Ultimate Top 8 Tips

☑ DO take apart your tack and deep clean it, let it dry, and then give it another cleaning before storing.


☑ DO store with bits and other removable metal and plastic hardware removed from your bridle and tack to avoid oxidation damage or any chance of damage from rubbing, creasing, or indentation.


☒ DON’T condition your leather after you’ve cleaned it prior to storing.


☑ DO store your tack in a climate controlled location, such as a tack room or house with both heating and air conditioning, if at all possible.


☑ DO keep your tack covered while stored to keep our bugs, dirt, and grime.


☑ DO check on your tack about once a month to make sure no bugs, mold, or other problems are starting.


☑ DO consider tucking silica gel pouches or closet dehumidifying pouches in with your tack if you live in a very humid area.


☑ DO consider giving your tack a super light coating of leather conditioner if you are concerned your leather is becoming too dry, but generally only every few months or less frequently.

Extra Hints

✸ Mold and mildew really love any moisture and extra gunk on your leather, so having your tack super clean is key.


✸ The lipids and moisture leather conditioners add to your leather are like a welcome mat for mildew, so it can be helpful for your leather to be just a touch on the dry side of normal when you are storing it.


✸ Did you know that leather loves about 68°F and relative humidity between 35-70%. Keeping your precious equipment in a well ventilated, climate controlled space, and even using a dehumidifier, can do wonders for preventing mold, stretching, cracking, and shrinking!


✸ Nothing is fool proof, but we hope these tips will go a long way to helping you! Also, do you have mold problems or other leather care questions? Snag even more of our easy and helpful tips by visiting