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Horse Show Ready Bundle!

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Everything you need, and NOTHING you don't- to keep your horse's hooves, skin and coat healthy and your tack looking clean and shiny, no matter WHERE you are!

Our Dynamic Duo is a Horse Show Favorite, packed with essential oils to combat and treat any ick, scratches or fungus you may pick up in those shared show stalls. Our GoodStuff™ Multipurpose spray is a must have as a prep and prevention! Spray all over to prevent anything nasty from growing on your horse and preserce the natural shine and pay attention to hocks/fetlocks down to pasterns to prevent picking anything up in the stalls or fields. Our MAVRIK hoof oil is a powerhouse against thrush AND scratches, clearing swelling up overnight and keeping those hooves healthy AND shiny. 

Just when you think the Dynamic Duo couldn't get any better, we added in Sterling Essential's Cleaner and Conditioner to keep your tack clean using our All-Natural pH matched cleansers and conditioners that will NOT irritate your horse and no sticky buildup.

Our mission is simple, to keep you doing what you love and your ponies healthy.

Treat. Prevent. Enjoy the Ride.