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Elevate: Meet Taylor White

25th May 2021

Welcome to Elevate, our spotlight series to honor, lift up, and highlight riders just like you from all disciplines and walks of life. If you’re like us, supporting and growing our equestrian community is an important mission, and a mission we are proud to hold at the heart of Sterling Essentials.

This month, we’d love you to hang out with Taylor White, a barrel racing, horse loving, Pre-Med student out of New Mexico, USA.


SE: Who are the horses in your life?

TW: The horses that are close to my heart are my barrel and rope horse. They are both registered Quarter Horses, and they perform with all their power. My rope horse’s name is Iggy aka Tickle My Fancy Play. She is 5 years old and acts like an old soul. My barrel horses name is Charger aka Charger Pep San. He is 14 and acts like he is 5. Even with their flaws they still try their hardest through everything. I purchased Iggy exactly 1 year ago. She was basically the perfect horse but did have some problems that needed to be fixed. With just the one year of training she is already everything I could ask for in a horse. Charger is such a big boy, but is afraid of his own shadow. He has the biggest heart but when he sees a llama, it is all downhill from there.

SE: Too funny, sounds like you’d better stick to cows and not become a llama wrangler! :) Do you only runs barrels or do other disciplines call to you, too?

TW: I grew up riding English and doing Hunter Jumper. I absolutely love riding English. My mother grew up riding English and competing in Dressage. She passed her skills down to me. When I turned 13 I told my mom that I wanted to run barrels. She looked at me and I think I almost saw tears in her eyes, so she made me deal. She said that if I train my horse to run barrels full speed while riding bareback, she would get me a coach. Sure enough that’s exactly what I did. I now run barrels, breakaway rope, team rope, compete in reining, compete in rodeo queen contests, and show horses competitively. I love the western lifestyle and being well rounded as a horse woman. I still ride English occasionally but do not compete, but I will never stop.


SE: Wow, so it sounds like you’ve been on the horse bandwagon for a quite a while. Did you grow up dreaming about horses and when did you start riding?

TW: I never really had to dream about horses because I was always around them. I always loved the horses in the barn because I thought of them as my friends. I started riding horses when I was in the womb. Even when I wasn’t fully developed as a person, I was riding. I was on a horse before I could even walk!

SE: What goals are you working on now?

TW: Horsemanship does not come easy in any way. It takes dedication, hard work, and leadership. Throughout my life, I have dedicated myself on being a confident leader. With the skills I have acquired through riding horses, I now have confidence to do anything. This fall I will be attending the University of New Mexico for Pre-Med. I never thought that I would put myself in a position to where studying to be a doctor will take me away from my horses, but I realized that my passion will always be there.

SE: With your dedication and compassion, it’s clear to see you’re going to be a wonderful and inspiring doctor! But I think you’ve actually already been helping inspire and serve your community even in your teens as a Rodeo Princess. What is the story there?

TW: When I was 14, I saw rodeo queens for the first time and had to try it. So what did I do? I ran for Miss Rodeo New Mexico Princess. For my first time ever, I decided that running for the biggest title you can receive was a good decision. Let me tell you, it was not. I received third place, but that loss helped me go on to win the title of Rodeo de Santa Fe Princess. Queens contest consist of public speaking, impromptu questions, interviews, modeling, and most importantly horsemanship. As rodeo royalty, we go around to as many rodeos we can and promote our own rodeo as well as ourselves. We put a face to the name of Rodeo de Santa Fe. It such a fun experience going to different rodeos throughout the state with my Queen, Allysa. Through long car rides and late nights, all we do is laugh and enjoy what we know best, riding horses.

Becoming rodeo royalty is something I encourage to everyone. Not only is it fun, but you also learn skills that are necessary in life. Speaking to strangers is the number 1 fear in America. Becoming a rodeo queen helps with that fear significantly. You get to show your personality off and meet people that become your family. The number one thing to remember when running for a title is to not be shy. A rodeo does not want a queen or princess to represent them that can not talk to people they do not know.


SE: What are three equestrian events you would just love to attend and why?

TW: I have always wanted to go to the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, Nevada. It seems like such a fun rodeo where you get to dress up and watch the pros. I would also love to attend AQHA World and watch the champion reining horses. Going to the Olympics to watch hunter jumper competitions seems unrealistic, but that is my goal.

SE: What is your favorite horse movie and why?

TW: My favorite movie will forever be Spirit. I loved watching it as a little kid and enjoying how courageous Spirit was. The movie helps me realize that horses are such caring and emotional animals.

SE: What is one bucket list experience you would love to have with your horse and why?

TW: One of my many goals is to compete in mounted shooting. Shooting is such an important hobby to my family but not hunting, just shooting targets. If I could compete in Texas at a mounted shooting competition, I know I would make my family proud.

SE: What is your favorite Sterling Essentials fragrance?

TW: My favorite Sterling Essential scent is the Lavender. It smells like my tack just came out of the washing machine. Lavender is also very calming and having the smell around can help calm your nerves.

I had such fun getting to know Taylor and know you will, too. I can’t wait to see how the mounted shooting goes! To keep up with Taylor’s story, give her a follow on Instagram at @taylortotwhite.