Elevate: Meet Reggie Quaye

30th Sep 2020

Welcome to Elevate, our new spotlight series to honor, lift up, and highlight riders just like you from all disciplines and walks of life. If you’re like us, supporting and growing our equestrian community is an important mission, and a mission we are proud to hold at the heart of Sterling Essentials.

To kick things off, we’d love you to meet Reggie Quaye, a dressage rider hailing from the UK.


SE: When did you start riding, and was it love at first sight? 

RQ: It was love at first sight! I saw a stunning horse named George who walked past my house one day, so I was so excited to follow and saw Vauxhall City Farm! I then took lessons at the age of 6 years old on a very, lovely pony called Molly and never stopped!  

SE: Are you an amateur or a professional rider? 

RQ: I would consider myself a bit of both!