Elevate: Meet Jessica Hollandsworth

12th Nov 2020

Welcome to Elevate, our new spotlight series to honor, lift up, and highlight riders just like you from all disciplines and walks of life. If you’re like us, supporting and growing our equestrian community is an important mission, and a mission we are proud to hold at the heart of Sterling Essentials.

This month, we’d love you to meet Jessica Hollandsworth, a dressage rider and busy multi-businesswoman hailing from California.


SE: Have you always been horse crazy? When did you start riding, who introduced you, how did you get started?

JH: I have been horse crazy since nine years old when I began taking western riding lessons at my charter school. At age twelve, I began working at Star-Lit Farm in Ripon, CA. There, I made the transition over to English riding, then I fell in love with jumping.

SE: Are you an amateur or a professional rider?

JH: I am an amateur, but my goal is to get to Grand Prix level and join the Olympics.

SE: What is your main discipline right now and what drew you to it?

JH: I have focused more recently on Dressage, as opposed to jumping, for a couple of reasons: 1). I have recently had ACL surgery; 2). I desire to fundamentally become an all-around great rider for my horses’ sakes. I feel that Dressage can help me accomplish that.

SE: Who are the horses in your life, and when did you begin working with each of them?

JH: Currently, I own two horses: Forbidden Phorrest (Belgian Thoroughbred Cross; 17hh Gelding; Jumper) & WinInRome (Thoroughbred; 15hh Gelding)

SE: I just love their names! What are their personalities? Do they have any fun habits, quirks, likes/dislikes?

JH: Forbidden Phorrest was my first horse and I will never sell him. He has a love for jumping which has really solidified our bond over the years. His weakness is a tendency to bolt which must be ridden through. He likes to watch what is going on around the ranch at any given time.

WinInRome is a five-year-old rescue who I bought at the start of 2020. He is in your pocket, a quick learner. Easiest horse I have ever worked with who was completely green from our start. All around good horse, and future jumper.

SE: It sounds like you’ve got two wonderful buddies. What are their favorite treats?

JH: Phorrest loves apples and gummy bears. Rome loves carrots, apples, and oranges.


SE: What do you love the most about the sport right now? Dislike the most?

JH: I love the bond that you grow with your horses, as well as your own personal growth and progression through seemingly impossible times. I dislike how limited I am at times due to past injuries.

SE: Do you have a favorite off-property place you love to go ride in your area?

JH: I typically do not take trail or off-property rides, but if I do, I like to ride around on the desert dirt roads near my house in San Bernardino County.

SE: In addition to your riding, you are also a very busy businesswoman! You own and operate Hollandsworth Sporthorses. What is your business all about?

JH: My desire is to rescue thoroughbreds off the track and give them new, better lives. I train them to be good all-around horses who can be sold, leased, or used as training horses.

SE: When did you get started and what inspired you to launch your business?

JH: This has been a recent beginning, somewhere around the end of 2019 or beginning of 2020 when I bought Rome. My ACL surgery is what inspired me to launch the business. I no longer wanted to neglect my health or my horse career. I feel amazing now that I am at the point where I can ride again.

SE: Wow, that is really exciting! What are your big (or little) goals for Hollandsworth Sporthorses?

JH: I would like to open a boarding facility on our property, hopefully within the next six months. Additionally, we have a long-term goal of becoming horse breeders with the intention of training the horses to Grand Prix level and selling them.

SE: Those are some big plans for sure, and we can’t wait to see it all come to amazing success for you. That’s not all you have on your plate, though. You also have a growing photography business, On the Brink Ent., which you run together with your husband, Aaron. In fact, you recently did a photo shoot for us, which we just loved! Has photography and videography always been a passion of yours?

JH: I have always been fascinated with photography; however, my husband is the one who is primarily interested in photography and videography. He has had a passion for film and television for many years.

SE: What services do you offer? Are you primarily doing equine related services or a broader spectrum?

JH: We offer comprehensive video and photo services, and certainly equine services have a place within the list. Some of the other services include music videos, events and weddings, etc.


SE: In what area of California are your services available?

JH: Our services are available all throughout California and even some other states if the job merits the travel.

SE: This is so cool that your business is a team between you and your husband. What roles do each of you play in the business?

JH: Aaron takes care of most of the photography, videography, and editing. I give my assistance on the field in anyway necessary: operating boom mics, helping with direction, etc. Also, I help with marketing.

SE: What is one of your favorite shoots so far? What was memorable?

JH: Our favorite shoot so far has been when Aaron filmed a music video recently for a hip-hop artist, VConscious (Instagram: @VConOfficial). I was not present at the shoot, but apparently V got into a bath of ice water wearing nothing but a swimsuit. Something like that shows a lot of dedication to getting the right shot, and it is something we will always remember and laugh about.

SE: Holy cow, that is some serious dedication. I’m not sure I’d get into an ice bath for my business. LOL! Do you have a dream shoot, a bucket list equestrian event you’d love to shoot?

JH: I would love to ride on the mountains somewhere one day and get it on video. Additionally, I would love to have my horses in a movie.

SE: What is the best way for customers to contact you?

JH: The best way is through our Instagram: @OnTheBrinkEnt or via email at OnTheBrinkEnt@outlook.com.

SE: What is your favorite Sterling Essentials fragrance?

JH: Personally, I love the Lavender scent. It is so refreshing.

SE: Is there anything else you’d like to share?

JH: Thank you to Sterling Essentials for working with us on this photo shoot.

SE: Our pleasure! We loved working with you on our project!

We loved getting to know Jessica and hope you’ll continue to follow along with her journey and check out her businesses. Give Jessica a follow on Instagram @jess_in_neverland, @onthebrinkent, @jessicadawns_sporthorses.