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How to Keep Your Tack Happy in Any Climate

15th Jul 2020

Constantly conditioning your tack without accounting for your climate and for what your tack actually needs is one of the worst things you can do for your tack, and you may not even realize it.I get w … read more

How to Clean Your Tack with Ema Klugman

23rd Jun 2020

Is your tack as clean and spiffy as a 4* eventers'? You'd love to have that, of course, wouldn't you? As promised earlier this week, #TeamSE rider @Ema.Klugman is back with her tips for how to clean a … read more

Change Is How We Improve the World

29th May 2020

Change, even the smallest change, is how we improve the world. As riders, it’s how we help our horses thrive. It’s how we make our equestrian community grow.Change is how we create a world where futur … read more