shiny. A Mane & Tail Conditioner

The Infused Equestrian

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Your answer to a healthy, lustrous, shiny coat...Without the icky additives or chemicals!

shiny. A Mane & Tail Conditioner by The Infused Equestrian is an intensive conditioning treatment that supports healthy hair growth. Simply spray it on the mane & tail and comb through for an exquisite shine.

BONUS: This awesome conditioner can also be used as a body shine. Just spray on the horse's body and wipe down. shiny. A Mane & Tail Conditioner is engineered to lift dirt for easy removal. 

Just like all of the all natural premium products you love at Sterling Essentials, shiny. a Mane & Tail Conditioner helps you ditch the harsh chemicals and choose a healthy alternative for you and your horse’s well-being.

Shiny. a Mane & Tail Conditioner nourishes the mane and tail and is easy to apply. Made with 100% pure therapeutic essential oils.


  • 4 fl oz spray

  • All natural, non-toxic ingredient formula
  • Brand: The Infused Equestrian

  • Origin: USA