Shine Bright Soft Cleaning Towel - 3 Pack

Sterling Essentials

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The Sterling Essentials Shine Bright Soft Cleaning Towel is the perfect way to gently clean and buff all of your leather!

Use these super soft, plush, microfiber cloths with the Sterling Essentials Leather Cleaner to help you easily get an even deeper clean than ever. You'll reach into every nook and cranny, all while softly buffing your leather to a healthy finish.

Plus, if you're wanting even MORE shine on your leather boots, gently buff them after you've applied your favorite Sterling Essentials Leather Conditioner to really bring out that glow you love.

Available in in a Pack of 3, you'll always have one handy - one in your show tack trunk, one at the barn, and one in the wash ready to go!

For Best Results: Wash the Shine Bright towel before first use to completely activate the microfibers and fully fluff up the towel.


  • Product size: Pack of 3 Towels, each towel is 8" x 8"

  • Made In USA