noggin. A Fresh Helmet Spray

The Infused Equestrian

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Your easy secret weapon to keeping your helmet, boot soles, gloves (and everything else) fresh…

noggin. A Fresh Helmet Spray by The Infused Equestrian gives your smelly, sweaty helmet that easy, healthy refresh and deodorization you’re looking for!

Just like all of the all natural premium products you love at Sterling Essentials, noggin. A Fresh Helmet Spray helps you ditch the harsh chemicals and choose a healthy alternative for you and your horse’s well-being.

noggin. A Fresh Helmet Spray is the ultimate weapon against odor. It purifies, cleanses and disinfects naturally. You'll love the smell of the spray and will marvel at how it neutralizes odor on contact. 

So, freshen up your helmet, boots, gloves, shoes, fabrics, blankets, vehicle interiors, and more. Just spray directly on your gear and let air dry.

ADDED BONUS: noggin. A Fresh Helmet Spray supports healthy hair growth too!

  • 4 fl oz spray

  • All natural, non-toxic ingredient formula
  • Brand: The Infused Equestrian

  • Origin: USA