Fresh, Shiny & Supple

Sterling Essentials

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The perfect quartet of some of your favorite all natural products to support you and your horse on show day and beyond!


Your bundle of Fresh, Shiny & Supple includes:

(1) Sterling Essentials Leather Cleaner, 16 fl oz

(1) Sterling Essentials Leather Conditioner, 8 oz

(1) noggin. A Fresh Helmet Spray, 4 fl oz, by The Infused Equestrian

(1) shiny. A Mane & Tail Conditioner, 4 fl oz, by The Infused Equestrian


You'll have complete confidence you, your horse, and your tack look and smell your best each ride and before stepping in the show ring when you...

  • Freshen up yourself and your gear with the refreshing and deodorizing noggin. A Fresh Helmet Spray
  • Get your tack supple and sparkling when you give it love with the Sterling Essentials Leather Cleaner and Leather Conditioner
  • Show off your horse's shiny, healthy coat like never before with shiny. A Mane & Tail Conditioner

Just like the all natural premium products at Sterling Essentials, Fresh, Shiny & Supple helps you ditch the harsh chemicals and choose a healthy alternative for you and your horse’s well-being.

And now with Fresh, Shiny & Supple it’s easy to see how you will have confidence in your freshness, beautiful leather, glowing tack, and an even healthier, sparkling horse, right?


  • Sterling Essentials Leather Cleaner and Leather Conditioner: choose from Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Floral Citrus Scents.

  • Origin: USA